I’m sorry but…

I just read an article about an Australian woman who was scammed out of $88000  in an online romance. This seems to happen a fair bit and I am sorry but I just don’t understand how people let this happen to themselves.

I understand loneliness and I understand connecting over the internet. I may or may not have had an online “romance” of my own at one stage. I get that part but if I had been asked for any amount of money, alarms would have gone off in my head. Initially it might just be a small amount of money and I can understand that but after say the second or third time the scammer asks for money, why do people keep giving it to them?

Maybe the scammers promise to pay it back but if they have the means to do that, why wouldn’t the other person suggest that they go to a bank for a loan? Maybe people really do believe that one day they will meet up and live happily ever after.

I feel bad for people who get scammed but in these situations and with all of the information out there about “Nigerian princes” and “lottery winners”, I don’t understand how this keeps happening.


9 thoughts on “I’m sorry but…

  1. Those magazines in waiting rooms always seem to have that story in them. It’s upsetting to know that the people they rip off are the most loving and trusting of all, with the biggest hearts and so much to give. Love is one hell of a drug 😉

  2. I don’t really understand it either. I can only guess that it is a really desperate kind of loneliness and love. It’s sad…both that there are people out there who have no conscience and will take advantage of someone who loves them…and that there are people who love so blindly and are so desperate.

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