You have to obey the rules of the queue!

When I got up this morning my kitchen bench was covered in kettle piss. It seems the old thing sprung a leak and having electricity sitting in a puddle of water is not the best idea.

I wandered down to the supermarket where I found a nice cordless kettle for $16 and I carried it along with a few other bits and pieces to the self-serve check-outs. I was first in line and then this woman decided to act like I wasn’t there and tried to get in front of me. I stood firm, If she had asked to go ahead for whatever reason, I probably would have let her.

In her struggle to get ahead, she bumped shoulders with me and muttered an insincere apology. She probably expected me to step back but  I didn’t. I was anxious, I hate people invading my personal space but there was no way I was going to let this woman win. 

We stood next to each other as if we were friends and my eyes kept a constant watch on all of the check-outs. I planned what I would say if the woman tried to get ahead of me, something along the lines of, “Well, actually I was next in line but whatever.” I wanted to act cool while letting others note that I am not a pushover.

Luckily the first register to clear was on my side and I hurried over before the other woman noticed.

Now I can relax with a nice cup of tea. 🙂


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