Building a Rapport (Session Two)

Today was my second session with my new psychologist and while I still like her, I don’t really know if I got a whole lot out of the session. Maybe she is trying to build a rapport with me. She seemed to fill my awkward silences with stories about her own life. I was sort of hoping she would ask more about what I was feeling and why I sometimes stopped talking. To her defense though, she is still getting to know me.

It kind of annoys me when therapists talk about anyone except me. I know that is really self-centred but I hate time burning away without covering and dealing with my many issues.

She took lots of notes, was compassionate and asked about how I might handle upcoming situations but didn’t really make many suggestions.

I asked her what she thought was wrong with me and she said that I appear to be highly anxious and not coping well with my anxiety. That’s pretty much how I introduced myself when I met her, so this was no surprise to me.

I think next time I will tell her I need to learn skills to cope with anxiety beyond medicating myself. If she can’t give me skills, I might look elsewhere… again! Ugh!

As I mentioned earlier, I really do like her. I hope we’re able to work well together.

S&S xox



11 thoughts on “Building a Rapport (Session Two)

  1. My therapist always tells stories but there is always a lesson in them. She may not come out and say this is the lesson but I’ll always have an aha moment on the way home. Good luck. I hope you are able to find the “one”

  2. Hope when you go back that you get your needs met. I hear you about the annoyance which is understandable after all this is for you. Paulette ps. I found your site through a post from Tails from Paris and stopped by to check out your place. Glad I did. Good luck with the next session.

  3. Hi!
    I can relate to what you are descibing. And now I talking about myself ( I apologize 🙂
    I met a councelor once who spend every session to find out what was wrong with me.
    But nothing was wrong with me
    I was just exhausted and struggled with a hyper sensitive fight- or flight respons. And I got into a state og panic and anxiety.
    Tell yourself that you are ok. And if you cope badly with your anxiety at this moment? Well that’s not a crime. It’s ok! You’re doing your best. Acknowledge yourself for that. I wish you a great weekend.

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