Shopping binge

I freaking love watermelon! Now that that’s out of the way…

I figure it’s much better for me to go nuts and spend my money on clothes and accessories every now and then than it is to binge eat/purge and I still occasionally do.

Reason number one- I have less money for food (and bills and whatever but shh)

Reason number two- clothes cheer me up (however momentarily)

Reason number three- I bought a hat! I never buy hats apart from beanies and other winter hats.

Reason number four- I forget!

I almost threw up on the train today. That was awful. A guy got on and with him came a horrible smell. I realised he was eating an egg and bacon sandwich (two of the foods I hate!) and I had to switch carriages. I’m not pregnant. I am just super-sensitive to smells.

I have so much admiration for ladies who do their makeup on the train. I could never leave the house without makeup (apart from when I am in hospital or severely depressed and even then I at least try to put a bit of eye makeup on). Trains are bumpy! These women are skilled!

I hate when people comb/brush their hair on trains though. It freaks me out. Stray hairs freak me out and I hate the feeling of other peoples’ hair touching me, ugh!

Saw some chicken bones coming up the stairs at a train station. Gross. More gross was that fact that one had a grey feather attached to it. Are people eating the mangy pigeons?

Time to try on my new clothes. This is the fun part because I rarely try on clothes before I buy them. Let’s see if they fit and look good!




4 thoughts on “Shopping binge

  1. Hair brushing in public is just not on! Once at TAFE I was eating my lunch and this girl sitting beside me started brushing her hair – it’s really gross. She always used to sit in front of people in class and lean back and run her fingers through her hair as well. She was always putting it in a pony tail but it was one of those sumo ones that needed about fifteen bobby pins.

    I don’t get the putting on makeup on trains thing – they obviously spend way too much time on it if they can’t do it at home. It takes me about one minute tops. I reckon it’s just some sort of preening/mating ritual their doing.

    • Ugh to the girl brushing her hair while you were trying to eat! I think maybe doing makeup on trains gives some women something to do to pass the time. I think it looks pretty funny when they get out their smartphones and use the camera as a mirror, especially if you’re behind them and you can see their “checking myself out” look.

  2. I think those chicken bones were probably a pigeon that had the misfortune of meeting a stray cat or dog. I get super sensitive to smells and sounds too. I got on the bus once and someone got on later who had a really terrible smell attached to their clothes. I couldn’t go anywhere!

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