Make Me A List

Things not to do when I should be doing something important:

  • Write lists.
  • Watch an entire season of a TV show.
  • Unscrew the pen I am using.
  • Screw that pen back up.
  • Repeat.
  • Think about what else to put on this list.
  • Draw on my desk.
  • Spend far too long coming up with wacky hairstyles and making myself laugh/cringe when looking in the mirror.
  • Wrap tape around a plastic ring from a vitamin container to make a crappy bracelet.
  • Get back onto the computer.
  • Aimlessly surf the internet.
  • Decide to turn a handwritten list into a WordPress post.
  • Declare that it is too late in the day to be working on anything important and vow to do it tomorrow or the next day or the next…
  • Most likely repeat this list with some variations.
  • Fail at life.

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