Goliath And Roidrage

For a while after finishing high school, I still acknowledged most of the people I went to school with unless they were particularly mean or unfriendly. My classmates and I often bumped into each other at clubs and pubs and depending on how drunk we were, we sometimes shared a drink or at least ended up chatting for a while.

I was never in one of the “cool” groups but some of those girls would ask how I was if they saw me, not that they really cared, they just liked having a reason to brag about whatever they were doing.

There were only about four or five girls in my grade whom I really despised. When I saw them, I liked to pretend they were insignificant to me. Sometimes I flat out ignored their presence and other times I would turn to my best friend and say really loudly, “Didn’t we go to school with that girl?”

One night my boyfriend at the time was chatting to one of the girls I hated from high school, I’ll call her Goliath. I can’t remember how he knew her, he seemed to know everyone. Goliath had sat in front of me in one of my classes. She wasn’t particularly fat but she was built like a truck and her big head obscured my view of the blackboard. She thought she was the queen bee and while she was in one of the popular groups, I think her friends were a mixture of being afraid of her and of looking nice in comparison to her.

I walked over to my boyfriend and Goliath casually and said, “Who’s this?”, which infuriated Goliath. I’m not sure if she was more mad that I might have actually forgotten who she was or that I was pretending I had and she snapped back, “Excuse me?”

Sensing drama, her boyfriend, Roidrage, hurried over. He could tell that she wanted to hit me and he wanted to join in. My boyfriend was protecting me and said something about it all being a misunderstanding. Goliath glared at me and said, “You’d better watch out, bitch!”

We left pretty quickly after that. My boyfriend was strong but not Roidrage or even Goliath strong. The two of them would have pulverised us if we’d stayed any longer.


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