A Reminder To Myself

Three posts in one day, wow!

Some routines were messed up, I went out to dinner tonight with family, it was a really late and lovely night. I don’t often go out at night anymore because I like to stick to my boring habits of taking meds at usual times and going to bed early. Heh, I am lame but I am happily lame or as happily lame as an anxious depressive person can be.

I had a really nice time! I worry about nights like these where I have to be social but if I take enough medication beforehand and leave the sleepers until later, I am coherent, funny and able to converse.

It’s almost 11:00pm and I am very tired so I will head to bed. I remember the days where 11:00pm was still early in the night and I would be partying away for hours, that all seems like a lifetime ago!

I can do more than I think I can.


4 thoughts on “A Reminder To Myself

  1. Hi, yes you can! It´s just that you need to give yourself more permission to be yourself. If anyone thinks you´re flirting because you´re twirling your hair, when you´re trying to cope with the situation you´re in..Well, let them think so. You don´t have to say your sorry for that. If it is a way for you to comfort yourself in the situation you´re in – give yourself credit for handling the situation and don´t say ypour sorry for that to anyone. You´re very brave and soon you will be going out even more evenings 🙂

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