self harming others

(Usual Trigger Warning)     There are two people who have cut themselves as a direct result of knowing me. A couple of others upped the ante on their self-harm after seeing some of my scars and cuts. At least four people have harmed their bodies because of me. My best friend and I were […]

You have to obey the rules of the queue!

When I got up this morning my kitchen bench was covered in kettle piss. It seems the old thing sprung a leak and having electricity sitting in a puddle of water is not the best idea. I wandered down to the supermarket where I found a nice cordless kettle for $16 and I carried it […]

Eternal sunshine of the senses

I just watched “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”, which I hadn’t seen in ages and it made me think about one of my doctor’s selling points for ECT. She said, “It would probably make you not remember this stay in hospital.” That wasn’t enough for me to commit to ECT and if I could […]

Therapy- Before and After

Before: Breathe. Remember to ask directly for coping techniques which go beyond popping pills. Don’t let her talk about her own life. Don’t get caught up in conversation. Focus on skills. Test her. See if she lives up to your expectations and if she doesn’t, try not to get angry at her. She’s not your […]