A Creepy/Stupid Experience

One night when my best friend and I were eighteen and drunk, we were walking back to her house as we often did when we were too poor (aka had spent all of our money on booze) or too lazy to get a taxi. The walk wasn’t that far and it was usually when we had our funniest conversations. On that particular night we were tired and just wanted to get to bed. We stumbled along, holding hands and as we started to turn onto her long street, we heard peculiar noises.

It sounded like an incoherent drunk talking, I suppose it takes one (or two) to know one. At first we thought it was funny and continued on our way past the side street where the sound was coming from. Then the sounds got closer and started yelling out directly to us. We saw a middle aged man and he was trying to get us to go over to him but we kept walking and this made him angry.

 He turned into my friend’s street and we freaked out. As we hurried along, so did he. We started running and we heard his heavy footsteps getting closer. He was following us. At that moment I started to have a panic attack and my poor friend had to drag me along until he was far enough away and we were in the safety of her house. She was too scared/drunk to look for her keys so she rang the doorbell and her older brother answered the door because her parents were away.

We explained that someone was following us and her brother went into protection mode. I sat on a chair panicking while my friend tried to calm me down. Her brother went outside to look for the man but never found him. We waited for a while before I called a taxi because I just wanted to go home and get out of there, despite my friend encouraging me to stay. I knew I just wanted to be home in my own bed. When the taxi arrived, my friend and her brother walked me to the door, to make sure I got inside safely.

I suppose we became slightly less careless after that and usually got a taxi home but I can also recall many nights when we didn’t, despite what happened. I guess we were hoped it was a once off and it was, we were never bothered again although I do recall some strange boys walking us home and then wanting us to go home with them instead. We kissed them goodnight (I have no idea why), left them out on the street and never heard from them again.




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