I couldn’t wait patiently and neither could a bird!

I waited an hour and five minutes to see my psychiatrist today. One hour and twenty minutes if you count the fact that I always arrive early. When she finally came out to get me, I was in a terrible mood. I greeted her brashly and she apologised. She explained that she had to fit in people because she is going away here’s how our conversation went:

(I can be extremely rude when I am annoyed!)

Me: So you decided to fit everyone in right before my appointment?

Her: No, I’ve been fitting everyone in all day.

Me: So everyone had to wait over an hour to see you?

Her: Some people had to wait less time earlier in the day but there have been some people in crisis that needed to see me.

Me: They’re not in a crisis! If they were in a crisis, they would go to the hospital or to an Emergency Room! (Harsh, I know, but I was fuming!)

Her: I guess you’re right. I also lost my phone on the weekend and had to spend earlier days of the week sorting all of that out.

Me: You’re FULL of excuses!

Her: I am, but they are true excuses.

(I don’t know how she resists the urge to slap me!)

Her: Waiting makes you anxious and you feel like I’ve personally targeted you but that’s not true, everyone has to wait a while to see me today.

Me: Well I am going to make sure I use up ALL of my allotted time so everyone else will have to wait like I did!

Her: Are you mad at everyone else?

Me: No, I just don’t want to be rushed because you’re behind time. I only have a half hour appointment today so I will use up all of it.

Her: I am sorry about running so late.

Me: Oh it really doesn’t matter, I am seeing a new psychologist tomorrow anyway!

On my way home from my appointment, I was walking down a path and I saw a ladybeetle on the ground. I stopped so that I could move it to a place where no one would step on it and then continued walking. At first I thought someone had thrown something at me but then I realised a bird had swooped and pecked my head! It scared me so much but that’s what birds do, they get territorial and if you happen to be near their nest then they will swoop you.

I am okay, my head is fine and the rest of my appointment went okay. I am not angry anymore and next time I will apologise for being such a grump! (As long as she doesn’t run late again!)


2 thoughts on “I couldn’t wait patiently and neither could a bird!

  1. well.. slapping patients is sort of frowned upon. 😉 We even take classes on that.. lol

    It is tough when you have to wait so long for an appointment, some days it is hard to process people in an orderly fashion. You try, but you also do not want to cut someone short. She did well with your temper, reassured and didn’t argue. I think you have a good doctor, that is important.

    Looking back, what could she do to calm you down more? Other than see you faster, it was really a long wait. I probably would have left. lol.. take that doctor.. I am gone…

    So you did great too, waiting whilst anxiety built. And… saved a lady bug on the way home too! unless the bird swooped down later and … oh oh.

    Good luck with the appt today!


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