This year for Halloween I am going as…


Barely anyone celebrates Halloween here. I saw a little girl in the supermarket ask her mum, “When is Halloween?” Her mother told her the date and the daughter said, “Do we celebrate Halloween here?”

We don’t really. Even though the shops are trying to push people into it. We even have some of those orange pumpkins and Halloween themed lollies. There are costumes in cheap shops but really, it’s very rare to get treat-or-treaters.

When I was a kid, I went trick or treating a couple of times and people either didn’t care, didn’t know what Halloween was or didn’t really have anything to give us. Someone gave my brother beer once, other people gave out fruit. One of my neighbours tricked me into eating a prune which he said was chocolate. Fun times.

Another time, when I was about thirteen my neighbour and I decided to visit what we called, “the ghost house”, a house which once we were sitting near and swore we both heard ghostly screams coming from. We decided to go goth because we didn’t have access to costumes. Once we got to the ghost house, we were prepared for something sinister. A young girl answered and said she would be right back. This gave us the perfect opportunity to get a glance inside. We saw creepy paintings on the walls but couldn’t see much else. The girl came back with two apples and apologised for having nothing better.

As we walked away, I rolled my apple down the street (as kids around here did back then when given fruit for Halloween) but to my horror, my neighbour took a big bite out of her’s. Had she not seen Snow White?

She was fine and we wandered off to try to collect something decent. We didn’t get all gothed up for nothing!


11 thoughts on “Hallowhat?

  1. People LOOOOVE Halloween here in MN, a lot of young adults, too, which is weird to me. Basically another excuse to go to parties and get super drunk. Good call on the apple, ha ha. When I was young and went trick-or-treating a few times, my parents always told me to never eat apples because they might have razor blades in them, or homemade goods, because they might have poison in them. Dark days we live in.

  2. sheish, if apples are the only thing handed out, tis no wonder you don’t go “trick or treating” 😉

    Kids are going out less here now, there are more parties for them where they are given “safe” treats. It is a sad thing that this has become necessary.

  3. It’s so annoying – I’ve never had a kid knock at the door but they’d only get a vegemite jatz if they did. I always feel as if I should buy a bag of lollies – just in case – but I don’t feel as if I should have to suddenly start celebrating Halloween.

    • I think the first time I lived in my own place I bought some lollies just in case but no one came so I had to eat them myself! Vegemite on Jatz sounds good, with some margarine or butter though! 🙂

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