The Back Nubbin

A short while ago, a weird, little bump appeared on my back. I assumed it was a pimple and tried to scratch it off, which is really gross, I know, but I can’t stop picking at myself. It didn’t go away but it hurt a lot so I left it for a while.

I hated knowing it was there and feeling it from time to time. I used a mirror to get a good look at it but it didn’t really look like a pimple so I assumed it was some sort of skin growth or maybe a back nubbin.

I decided that I had to get rid of it, it was driving me crazy. I tried to lance it with a needle, I tried to rip it off with tweezers, I put pimple cream on it just in case and it refused to leave me.

I considered using nail clippers to chop it off but decided to wait until I got a professional opinion.


Me: “Uh, so there’s this thing on my back and it’s really annoying and I can’t stop picking at it. I tried to get it off but it wont go away!”

Doctor: *Puts on those special glasses to examine it* It’s a mole. Leave it alone and stop picking at it.

Me: “Oh, but it’s really annoying… Should it be removed?”

Doctor: “It doesn’t need to be removed. It could be cut out but it’s really not necessary and then you would have a scar there.”

Me: “It’s just, I hate it being there…”

Doctor: “Maybe you can try to accept it? Just stop poking and picking at it.”

Me: “OK, I’ll try…”

Knowing that it is a mole means I wont try to slice it off but it doesn’t make it any less irritating. It hurts, probably because it has endured so much since it decided to pop up on my back and I don’t have many moles so I’m not used to them. It doesn’t even look like a mole so I will keep calling it my back nubbin and if it keeps hurting/annoying me, I will go to a dermatologist and get it cut out.

Having another scar wouldn’t bother me, at least this one would have an acceptable story behind it.



3 thoughts on “The Back Nubbin

  1. You should live in my house – my daughter’s always wanting to snip things off me with her clippers, that mole would have been gone quick smart.

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