High Five To Me!

After weeks and weeks of staring at an intimidatingly long list of local psychologists, I finally worked up the courage to call one. I spoke directly to her and she seems really nice. I have made an appointment for next week and I am so nervous but really proud of myself.

I explained my financial situation and she is happy for me to go to her through the mental health plan or to work something out if I need it. Tomorrow I will to go back to my GP to get a referral and do all of the necessary paperwork. (I made two appointments in one day!)

I just hope this new psychologist is a good one. Either way, I undoubtedly blog about my experiences!



9 thoughts on “High Five To Me!

  1. This is great! Both because hopefully talking to this person will be good for you, and because you made TWO calls and like worked it out all on your own. Phone calls can be a real bitch! Well done, yay you!

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