Headaches are a…

motherbleeping bleepity bleep!

Also I am pretty sure I am dying. (Not really)

Ibuprofen, Paracetamol, water…It’s still freaking here.

I think I took too many medications, ate too little and again, I am dying!

Strangely I feel like self-harming just to distract myself.




6 thoughts on “Headaches are a…

  1. It’s hard when illness is so in your face like that. I think you should take your mind off it but find a nicer way to do that. I’ve had killer bowel pains for the past week or so, so I’ve been playing mindless games on the Xbox to feel better. Just remember that although it’s very painful and very much a bummer, you can still find a way to feel happier – you can still choose to be optimistic. ❤

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