Here’s A Gun

Here’s a gun, it will protect you, you will feel safe. When you have it on you, you will be able to get through those difficult situations. Take this gun. Hell, take this other gun too.

I see you’ve been carrying those guns around for a while…about that…It’s really not safe for you to have these guns long-term, I think you’re becoming reliant on them. You like how it feels to have a gun but you don’t need a gun! You should use some of those karate skills you have. Maybe take a Jiu-jitsu course. You can take your guns with you but try not to use them.

You’re conflicted. You don’t want to rely on the guns but you can no longer function without them. You’re mad that I gave you the guns in the first place, I can see that. They helped you though. At the time, it was the best solution.

I understand you’re struggling and I want to help you. Here’s a knife but you’ll have to give me the guns back.


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