How Romantic

Once I briefly dated a guy who offered to kill me. He knew I was unhappy, our time together was very intense and full of lots of over-sharing. We weren’t even “officially” dating (this part is important to remember) we just casually hooked up, got drunk and smoked together, not necessarily in that order.

He was the brother of a friend of a friend and had just broken up with another “messed up” girl so someone tried to warn him to stay away from me but it didn’t work. I had recently lost my friend and was very close to joining her. We were both raw with emotions and very vulnerable.

He was the type of person I could talk to easily so I called him at odd hours. I think I was pretty attached to him and it was hard for him to end our conversations so that he could go on with his normal life. I told him about my dilemma of wanting to die but knowing how much suicide effects those left behind and he told me he would kill me, if I really wanted him to. None of this seemed odd to me at the time, I thought he was very nice to offer that. He told me he knew how to make a death look accidental and would be able to do it without incriminating himself. We had a very long and dark conversation and I seriously considered it.

One night we were out with our mutual friends and I felt really sick. I headed home by myself and he seemed a bit offended that I left. The next day I found out he had gone home with someone else. His excuse was that we were never “officially” dating. It was the truth but he really hurt me. After that we we never officially anything. I never saw him or spoke to him again and I assume his offer no longer stands.


2 thoughts on “How Romantic

  1. No his offer is canceled! A bit scary that one. Him I mean.

    deep conversations with someone establish a connection. Too bad it was so easy for him to break. I am happy though… he was not the best partner for you.

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