Jumbled Words?

Occasionally when I scramble around town, I bump into acquaintances. Usually I will pretend I don’t see them, hurry off in the other direction or give a quick smile of acknowledgement. Sometimes I can’t escape small talk and I hate it. A typical conversation goes something like this:


Them: How have you been? (They don’t really care.)

Me: Okay thanks, how about you? ( It’s going okay so far.)

Them: Yeah, good. So are you working? (Why is this any of their business?)

Me: Uh, no, not at the moment. (It’s been a very long “moment”.)

Them: Oh, okay. *awkwardness*.

Me: Well, I have to get going [back to my non-existent job].

Them: Okay, bye! (Both parties walk away, relieved to escape the awkwardness.)


For some reason today, I happened to mention that I went to the beach yesterday. I was actually impressed with myself that I was able to bring something different to the conversation so I announced it quite proudly and then rehearsed in my head how the rest of the conversation might go.  I thought that perhaps it would be something about the weather or talking about some of the beautiful beaches we have here but instead I was asked a poorly phrased question.

“So, did you have anyone to go to the beach with?”

Did I have anyone? Does my tendency to isolate show that much?

Maybe they were trying to ask, “So, who did you go to the beach with?” or “So, did you go to the beach with anyone?” and maybe they jumbled up the words. Maybe…

Asking if I had anyone to go to the beach with makes it seem like I spent the morning calling people, trying to convince them to join me. BE MY FRIEND!!!

I’ll stick with a casual smile or a muttered hello from now on.


12 thoughts on “Jumbled Words?

  1. maybe not, people don’t know how to make idle chatter, so they just keep blurting. But the beach was a good memory. 🙂 tis just the start of beach season too. I am still jealous. 😉

    Next time tell them you are a surfer and your board needs waxing, ta ta….

  2. *chuckling*

    What kind of question is that? Cheek!

    I completely understand this post. It annoys the life out of me whenever people ask, “what do you do” (meaning job wise).

    When I say, “No I’m not working” I feel as if I am saying, “No, I’m just a lazy git who prefers to sit around, living off the government”

    Another thing that bugs me is when someone assumes that I am sad and very lonely because I prefer to spend time alone. Because I live 500miles from family, Christmas time used to be a nightmare. Everyone means well, but if they knew how many people I refused dinner from, they might be mortified.

    • That’s like the people who say things like you should get a job or socialise more. They’re not my therapist! If they were afraid of bees or something I wouldn’t tell them they need to wear a beard of bees!
      I hate how they almost expect a justification as to why I can’t work or they look at me funny, trying to work it out!

  3. hahaha it’s funny how the first question people ask when you first meet them is, “so, what do you do?” and you have to awkwardly explain that you’ve not working right now/only have a casual job at 27 years of age.

  4. I hate the – what do you do – question, it’s so pointless. I’ve started answering by saying – when? I mean I do lots of things at all times of the day and night – I want to pinpoint them to a time so I can tell them exactly what I’m likely to be doing then.

    • When? That’s a great answer! Unfortunately for me it is usually followed with, “What do you do for work?” Sometimes I like to act all mysterious, like I am an heiress or something but they probably assume the mystery means I’m a stripper in The Cross! I hope not, I don’t look like a stripper!!

      • Lol – well I’m lucky enough to work from home but people don’t seem to think that it counts as real work so I usually just say nothing now when asked about what I do for work and my husband sighs and eye rolls and launches into what I do really do. I’d go with the stripper angle. There used to be a rumour going around town that I was a disinherited former heroin addict – I was tempted to make a tshirt saying – disinherited former junkie lives within.

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