Don’t Die!

(A Dream/Nightmare)

She appears out of nowhere while I am waiting for a train. I can’t tell if she is still dead because she seems so real. She’s sad and she tells me that after she died, her sister followed her and the grief lead to her father’s arteries hardening. She tells me he has died too but they haven’t buried him. Instead, she carts him along with her in a body bag.

We get into a taxi with the corpse of her father in a body bag wedged between us in the back. I feel freaked out, I can see and smell death and I shuffle over towards the door as far away from it as possible. The body bag slides along with me and touches my side. It is unnaturally warm and I scream.

She has to go somewhere and I ask her if there is anything I can do. She tells me, “Don’t die! Just keep living for as long as you can. Don’t ever take your own life. Just live!”

And she is gone again.


12 thoughts on “Don’t Die!

    • That’s really nice of you to offer but I can’t really talk about her. I don’t talk about her. Even if I mention her in group or with my psychiatrist, I just say, “my dead friend”, I can’t even say her name.

  1. You said it was hypocritical that she said that, given the way she died, but maybe exactly because of that she knows what she’s talking about? Maybe she wish she could take it back?

    Don’t die! Keep fighting, because you’re doing a great job 🙂 And soon there will be rainbow kittens playing with rainbow flowers … what? Keep going 🙂

    • I think you could be right. Or maybe my mind wants me to believe that she regrets what she did and that’s why she said what she said in my dream.
      I’ll keep fighting and I wish you lots of rainbow kittens and flowers too! 🙂

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