Because I don’t see her often enough in real life?

I had a dream about my psychiatrist last night. Instead of therapy, she took me to the beach with her daughter. (I know she has kids but I don’t know anything about them and have never seen them.) Her daughter’s name was Fleur, which is French for flower. Fleur seemed really nice and was around my age.

The three of us wandered around some shops and my shrink went off to find a bathroom, leaving me in the care of her daughter. Fleur ran off into some hipster theatre and I couldn’t find her so I got scared. I went looking for my shrink in a bathroom but she wasn’t there so I hid in a stall. Eventually Fleur and my shrink found me and my nose was bleeding. My shrink said, “This is what it’s like working with crazy people.”

We went back to my shrink’s house (I’ve never actually been there in real life) and it was a huge seaside lodge. Fleur went to do something else and my shrink and I started a weird sort of therapy in one of the rooms. It basically involved lots of yelling from both of us. We had the following conversation-

“What happened to you at the age of nine?”

“I don’t know! I can’t remember!”

“Was it your mother? Is your mother to blame?”

“No! My mum was a great mum!”

“So it was your father then?”

I couldn’t answer and Fleur came into the room in tears. She couldn’t stand the screaming so we went outside to their pool, which was covered in leaves. Some random man was there and we thought it would be funny to make him dive into the pool to look for money. Instead he found bits of paper which said things like, “Sunday, Monday, happy days.” After the money prank we gave him an actual present: a bigger piece of paper with all of our names signed on it. It was significant somehow;it was proof that we existed.



14 thoughts on “Because I don’t see her often enough in real life?

  1. If you have some interest about dreams (I have no idea about them), maybe you can check this web, this is a dream journal, many people discuss about them. It could be of your like.
    Take care.
    Hugs !

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