Oh Therapy (Please Don’t Leave Me!)

Psychiatrist- You look like you’ve lost weight. (She’s just being nice!)

Me- No, I have gained weight. (Can’t she see how awful I look?!)

Psych- Have you been eating?

Me- I just said, I have gained weight! That’s why I am wearing baggy clothes!

Psych- No, it doesn’t look like you have.

Me- I weigh myself all of the time, I have definitely gained 2 kilos!


Psych- Would you like a script for Stilnox? (not one of my current meds)

Me- Yeah, definitely! (Let’s see where this goes!)

Psych- I meant Imovane.

Me- Sure, both of them!

Psych- *laughs*

Me- *laughs with her*

Psych- Just the Imovane!

Me- Okay, thanks.


Me- I am going to miss you when you go away. 😦 (Please don’t leave me!)

Psych- Doctor Soandso will be covering my patients.

Me- But I don’t know her… at least it isn’t Doctor [my old psych], I guess. But she could be mean too! Is she mean?

Psych- She’s not mean. (We’ll see about that!)

Me- Everyone will miss you! (Maybe if she feels guilty she wont go?)

Psych- Well I hope so… (Huh?)


Anyway, I love her again. Not in that way… I don’t want her to go away, I don’t want the end of the year to come. I become attached to her at times (the times where I don’t hate her!) and my brain feels overwhelmed a bit. I’m scared that I will need her when she’s away.





14 thoughts on “Oh Therapy (Please Don’t Leave Me!)

  1. this is a very common, the attachment and the overwhelming feeling, not that it makes you all happy and cozy. But she is just taking a vacation? She is happy if missed too, it means people value her. 🙂

    You have sleeping problems?

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