Love Story

Once there were two halves who were lucky enough to find each other

but the fear of any sort of demise meant that they avoided pursuing something which could have been amazing.

One half wanted to take things slowly, to test out the water and wanted any reason to be in the company

of the other but never expressed this.

The other didn’t want to seem needy and came across as aloof. Deep down though, this half

wanted nothing more than completion.

They talked circles around each other, both desperate for connection, both terrified of rejection.

As time went on, both halves severed themselves, meaning that even if they connected,

there would always be something missing.

They threw away their chance of completion. They grew angry with themselves

until they had nothing left.

They were particles, they were dust.

Seeing each other, seeing anyone

brought on regret

so the once halves, now nothing,

got caught up in the ashes

and swept away by the wind.


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