I didn’t burn down my apartment (and possibly others) today but I nearly could have!

You know that little voice or compulsion that tells you to check things like the stove or the iron before you go out? That was missing today.

I had a few errands to run and as usual, I had trouble with what to wear. It is warm today so I ironed some shorts, put them on and then decided to wear something else instead. I left the iron on.

I left the iron on, next to the window where my blinds are swinging wildly from the wind. I left it on in a home with a jumpy cat who could have easily pulled at the cord and sent the iron flying down onto the floor.

I could have come home to firemen and angry neighbours but instead, everything was fine. The only reason I know I left the iron on is because I heard it make it’s weird clicking sound when I walked past it. I switched it off and unplugged it.

I am usually so careful about this sort thing. I don’t know where my mind was today but I am so grateful that nothing happened!


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