I’d love to…

I’d love to but I’m-



-super busy

-out of town

-off the planet.

I’d love to but I am lying. It wont be easy but I know I have to go. I’m already thinking of how much medication to take so I’m appropriately chilled out but not almost comatose. I am rehearsing conversations and excuses. I am picking out places to sit or to stand. I am coming up with reasons to leave early.

I’d love to be ignored.

I hate invitations.


6 thoughts on “I’d love to…

  1. When I was young I used to tell people I couldn’t go to things because “my father won’t let me” – though that was totally untrue. I am many, many years older now and my father has passed away but I wish I still had someone to “blame” for not being allowed to go…

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