Thanks a lot, Hortence!

There were many signs leading up to my parents splitting up when I was a kid. Most of them were contained to our household so I could go on pretending everything was fine when I was at school until a neighbour decided to stir things up. I’ll name her Hortence because I don’t like that […]


Sometimes when I am a little bit over-medicated and a little bit falsely confident, I have this impulse to sit next to people who are alone and ask, “Us?” This is especially weird because I hate being close to people, I don’t know where this impulse comes from. I feel like maybe if I acted […]

Because I don’t see her often enough in real life?

I had a dream about my psychiatrist last night. Instead of therapy, she took me to the beach with her daughter. (I know she has kids but I don’t know anything about them and have never seen them.) Her daughter’s name was Fleur, which is French for flower. Fleur seemed really nice and was around […]

Oh Therapy (Please Don’t Leave Me!)

Psychiatrist- You look like you’ve lost weight. (She’s just being nice!) Me- No, I have gained weight. (Can’t she see how awful I look?!) Psych- Have you been eating? Me- I just said, I have gained weight! That’s why I am wearing baggy clothes! Psych- No, it doesn’t look like you have. Me- I weigh […]

Oh my god, good news!

I had to go to a friend’s daughter’s party today and I FREAKING SURVIVED! I was so scared about going because I knew I would have to socialise with my friend’s family, who have known me since I was a little girl. I don’t even feel comfortable around my own family but I was honoured […]