Junior Panic And The Night I Was Forgotten

When I was younger, my family used to go away on holidays with lots of our family friends. It was a great time, we would all go off with our friends in the day and at night we would come together like some sort of cult and eat dinner. We stopped going away once the older kids started to get into mischief. I was one of the younger ones, so I don’t know what they did but I assume it was typical teenager stuff like drinking and smoking. Us younger kids always resented the older kids for ruining everything. Our world was so much more innocent. Our parents were pretty relaxed and we were free to roam around and come and go as we pleased. Our days were spent riding bikes around or going to the beach to collect shells. As long as we let one of the parents know what we were doing, everything was usually fine.

One evening when I was about six years old, I went for a walk around the place where we stayed with my friends and some of the older girls. We stopped by a bathroom and I went into one of the cubicles. I remember hearing my friends laughing and being silly and then everything went quiet. I assumed they were waiting outside for me but when I came out, they were gone.

I panicked. I had no idea how to get back. I was terrified. I can still remember looking around in the dark and being totally disorientated. I started crying and I tried screaming out to the others but they didn’t come back. I was so young, I felt like I would be lost forever. Luckily a nice lady found me and walked me back to where I was staying. Not enough time had passed for anyone to even notice I was gone. I assume the girls went to play somewhere and everyone assumed I was with them.

I asked them why they left me and they said they didn’t notice that I wasn’t there. I was forgotten, just like that. Still a part of me wonders how no one could have noticed. I was well-liked by my friends, I was quiet but I wasn’t shy around them. I wonder if maybe one of them did notice but didn’t want to speak up or didn’t want to make the whole group have to turn around and look for me. I was so lucky that the lady found me and I don’t want to think of any other possible outcomes.


9 thoughts on “Junior Panic And The Night I Was Forgotten

  1. It’s amazing how an experience like that sticks with a person forever. I have similar sorts of memories from my childhood where something unsettling happened and I’ve never forgotten it. It really does make you think about how precious children are, and how some memories are formed and become so ingrained to last a lifetime.

  2. When I was a kid I got separated from my siblings at Disney World. We were supposed to be meeting my parents, and we stopped to watch a parade as it went by. After it passed, I realized they’d left without me. I was panic stricken.

    Similar to your story, a nice family stopped to help me while I stood there crying. And all I could say between tears was, “We were supposed to go to the Tiki Hut!” So they took me there. It’s funny now, but also still sad.



      • Hmm, great questions. I honestly don’t recall. There wasn’t much room in my family for the allowance of “bad” feelings (sad, angry, etc) so I am guessing we just went on with the day and I eventually got back into the swing of things, even if I still felt a little scared. Unlike you, I never even asked why they left me. It was obvious we were in a big crowd and they just assumed I was still walking with them. Plus, I was raised to always think my ‘mistakes’ were always my fault and I was always in the wrong. As much as anything I was probably embarrassed by my own ‘bad’ action.

        How about you? Were you able to enjoy the rest of the trip and join back in the fun and big dinners? It sounds like they were wonderful trips while they lasted.

      • I sort of get what you mean by thinking things were probably my fault or not wanting to express my bad feelings. I think I probably sulked for a while and then went back to playing with my friends because I didn’t want to be different to them and didn’t want it to seem like a big deal. If anyone would have asked if I was okay, I probably would have choked back tears and said I was fine. I think the experience made me more cautious but I kept enjoying those holidays for many years.

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