Don’t let the bad ruin the good

Last night I was actually in a good mood and then today, after calling the shop where my computer is hopefully going to be repaired, my mood slipped majorly.

I called in the hope of a miracle and in the hope that there is a solution in sight but either my computer is really stuffed up or things are going slowly down at the shop.

I am hoping it’s the latter. 

The man said it might be ready by Monday. “Might”

All the while all I can think about is- how much is this going to cost me? Will my files be able to get recovered? Will the people in the computer shop laugh at my strange documents? Are they actually doing anything?

I am not a patient person but these people have access to something very important to me so I have to be polite and act like it is no big deal if it takes a few days.

I wish I could go back to yesterday, sitting in the cafe, sipping sprite and swirling it around with the straw, chatting to someone who really understands me, laughing because we have got so much in common and because sometimes there is humour in tragedy.

I know it seems ridiculous to get so upset over a computer and I know I am an idiot for not backing everything up but I have so much data I don’t want to lose.


3 thoughts on “Don’t let the bad ruin the good

  1. we become very attached to our computers. Most often, they do not work on it right away, they have other repairs to do first. we always want ours fixed right away.. and so did the others that have machines in there, for repair, and who are waiting too, grumbling.

    The repair should be, I think, from what you said, fixed with the install disc, so it won’t take long or cost much.


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