I have a new friend :)

Feeling cruddy makes me isolate and today I had to see my psychiatrist because I needed to touch base and find out if the other psychiatrist who did an assessment of me had sent the report. It wasn’t the greatest session and I felt deflated afterwards but instead of hovering around tall buildings and being too chickenshit to do anything, I remembered a girl from a group I was in lived nearby and had said if I was ever in the area, we should catch up.

Social interaction is difficult for me. I took an extra Xanax and i texted her. She was so pleased to hear from me so we arranged a meeting spot and went to a cafe. Normal people stuff! 

We chatted for about two hours, she is really kind and cheered me up so much. I felt so comfortable talking to her because we have similar problems and similar stories. 

I am so glad I met up with her and I am sure we will meet up again. 

Back in my apartment, it is nice to be alone and able to feel some joy, I just wanted to share that because most of my posts are pretty negative.



6 thoughts on “I have a new friend :)

  1. That is awesome! I usually go back and forth over whether to leave the house at all on my own, much less over texting someone I hadn’t seen in a while to meet up. I should get up the nerve; it sounds like you had fun!

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