Violent Thoughts

Does anyone else ever get repetitive and disturbing violent thoughts?

I don’t mean suicidal thoughts or imagery and I don’t really mean self-harm urges/thoughts, although these thoughts are always about myself.

I mean really bizarre sorts of images which pop up and won’t go away. 

For me this means thoughts beyond “I want to jump in front of that train”, or “I

need to cut myself.”

I won’t describe my thoughts in detail, I’ll just say they’re persistent. I also want to make it clear that they’re not about other people, I don’t want to hurt anyone!

Being stuck here alone probably doesn’t help. I have too much time to think and my computer is still broken so I don’t have my usual distractions. 


8 thoughts on “Violent Thoughts

  1. Distractions are key. Almost like a form of mindfulness, which can also drive those thoughts away. We havent talked about SH at all, perhaps you don’t want to. *hugs*

    soothing things, hot bubble baths, the perfect hot chocolate, something to pamper yourself with that is not difficult or costly, are good things to do now too.

    hitting that computer with a hammer… lol.

  2. I do have thoughts like that. Sudden, intrusive and bizarre. Sometimes I try to make a story out of them, which kind of helps. It makes them feel too silly to retain force.

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