That time I got bitch slapped

My computer is still being an ass and I’m still not tip top but lying around is getting boring so I’m blogging.

Once there was this girl, I’ll call her Sketchy. She was a friend of a friend but never really a direct friend of my own. Once she drove me home after I went drunk swimming at a party and tried to walk with one shoe. We often attended the same parties back when I found parties more tolerable and liked having a reason to get completely smashed. Sketchy briefly dated a guy, whom I will call Lost. Sketchy and Lost went on maybe one or two dates and then decided to just be friends. There was no drama. Then I started dated Lost and this brought Sketchy and I closer for some reason. We talked about Lost, we shared personal stories. Sketchy had a history of self-harm and looked in awe at some of my scars. I felt we had a connection and could be friends.

We sat outside in a group of girls and everyone started complaining about their weight, as most girls do. When it was my turn, Sketchy slapped me hard across my face. I was too shocked to do anything but I wanted to cry. I guess maybe she wasn’t so comfortable with me dating Lost as I thought!

I stopped being nice to her after that and only ended up dating Lost for about five months. I’m pretty sure he wanted to stay lost forever and I had enough chaos in my own life.


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