Frozen Strawberries

Note to self:

When deciding to use a bathroom at a mental health facility while heavily medicated, the most important step to remember is to lock the door! Even though those doors don’t actually lock properly (for safety) they at least show that the bathroom is occupied.

You were lucky this time because you were staring into the mirror in a daze, as you do and the other person was kind enough to knock. You dodged a bullet of embarrassment!

On another note, I bought a heap of strawberries the other day. Too many in fact, I decided to wash and core them (is that the right term?) and then stick them in the freezer. I probably should have cut them up too because sticking a whole frozen strawberry into my mouth didn’t seem to melt it. I got some wicked tooth pain though. I am too impatient to sit and wait until they have defrosted!S&S


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