Don’t touch ANYTHING on trains!

I was standing up on a train because I like to be near the door and I don’t like people too close to me and I was watching someone in the under carriage. I wasn’t staring or anything, he just happened to be in my view.

Here was this  handsome business-looking guy, sitting amongst many people and…

PICKING HIS NOSE. Gross! Then (even more gross) he ate it! This wasn’t a sly one off thing, over the course of my trip I saw him do it at least eight times! He didn’t seem to care that people could see him. He seemed to enjoy it, it was disgusting! I felt like covering myself in hand sanitiser just from witnessing that.

I tried to focus on what was going on outside but all I could see were gross lip marks where someone had kissed the glass on the door.

Trains can be so icky!!


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