Another Reason Why I Hated High School

In my year eight science class there were more desks than students. This meant that I got to share a desk for four with just one of my friends, which was cool because we had lots of space but it also meant the two of us had to do the work of four when it was time for experiments.

Having only one friend in the class meant I had only one ally and if she was sick, I was all alone. I dreaded the days any of my few friends were sick. I’d notice in the morning and I would pray that they were running late. One day my science friend wasn’t at school. I spent the whole day dreading science, which was the final lesson of the day. After lunch I tried to act calm and cool as I took my seat in the lab. It didn’t take long for one of the mean girls behind me to notice I was alone and therefore a target.

First she tried to get my attention by whispering my name. I kept my eyes glued to the front of the classroom and I pretended I was absorbed in the lesson. Next she got up and sat next to me. I was shocked and she said something like, “So, you have no friends!” She grabbed my diary and noticed I had created a little pocket inside where I stored notes from friends. I grabbed it back and she started laughing. She said, “What’s in there?” I told her it was private and she said, “Is it full of tampons or something?” Her friends were laughing, the whole class was staring at me and my teacher told her to go back to her seat.

I was bright red, I felt like I was going to be sick and I had tears inside my eyes but I wouldn’t let the bully know that she had upset me. I focussed once again on the lesson and then it started to happen again. The bully was calling out my name and kept saying something about me having no friends. The more I ignored her, the more annoyed she became until she reached forward and yanked at my hair. It hurt a lot. I think I said something like, “get lost” but I was so scared that maybe I only thought it. Once again everyone in the classroom was staring at me but no one said anything. When the bell rang for the end of school I ran out as quickly as I could. I started to tell my friends what had happened but I felt like I was going to cry so I stopped. I tried to smile to cover how upset I was.

Further down the track that bully and I ran into each other in a psychologist’s waiting room. I guess she developed some sort of empathy or appreciation of me after that because she was a lot nicer and I never had a problem with her again.


3 thoughts on “Another Reason Why I Hated High School

  1. I found high school similar- not the bullying so much as the loneliness of having few friends. I dreaded s friend being off sick. Do you still talk to any of yours?

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