You showed me how to make soup and how to use an ice cream scoop

The title has nothing to do with this post, it’s just something I remember writing down in my dream. Last night was awful. I was watching a show about an illusionist and I got a phone call. I recognised the number as that of my local mental health centre so I answered it sounding like […]

I have a new friend :)

Feeling cruddy makes me isolate and today I had to see my psychiatrist because I needed to touch base and find out if the other psychiatrist who did an assessment of me had sent the report. It wasn’t the greatest session and I felt deflated afterwards but instead of hovering around tall buildings and being […]

Violent Thoughts

Does anyone else ever get repetitive and disturbing violent thoughts? I don’t mean suicidal thoughts or imagery and I don’t really mean self-harm urges/thoughts, although these thoughts are always about myself. I mean really bizarre sorts of images which pop up and won’t go away.  For me this means thoughts beyond “I want to jump […]