Three Layers

(Three layers of crazy dreams spewed out by my subconscious last night.)


Layer One- I am working somewhere and someone is explaining how things work. I realise I will probably hate it there because the job starts at around 7:00am and I am not a morning person. “You can have breakfast here!” I’m told. I don’t bother telling them that wont happen. There’s a pool out the back and I realise I am wearing a bikini. Someone throws me into the pool and instead of enjoying it, I panic because I have no dry clothes to change into.

Layer Two- I am back in hospital but the hospital is in a dead relative’s house. My old next-door neighbour is one of the nurses and she gets me confused with another patient, who isn’t allowed to draw or write. I get so angry about this and become convinced that the other patient is trying to swap our identities. Of course no one believes me because I am in a mental hospital.

Layer Three- My mother and I discover some long-lost relatives and I freak out about meeting them because I feel so inadequate about my life. One of the relatives is studying ethics so I convince my mother to say, “Stunnedandstunted has had a lot of issues with ethics.” For some reason I think this is hilarious. It isn’t.


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