Hello Stomach

You’re hungry? Let’s feed you, just a little bit. Is that better?

You’re hurting? Here’s some water and we’ll bypass food for a while.

You have a stabbing pain? We’d better not call anyone. Try curling up into a little ball. That hurts even more? Lie flat. Not any better? Get up, do something, distract yourself.

You’re hurting because you’re hungry? Well, crap. I don’t know what to do.

You’re nauseous because you’re hurting because you’re hungry because you can’t eat because you’re nauseous? Yep, I have no idea…




4 thoughts on “Hello Stomach

  1. I think I was like this recently when I got so sick for several days–hurting bones and all, couldn’t walk, in pain, forever dizzy and nauseous, first time… 😦 My skin and taste buds are still recuperating, and I’m still forbidden to eat what I normally eat.

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