Well, How Kind!

Everything will be okay now because some generous chap has decided that I deserve a piece of his lottery win! All I have to do is email him some of my details and I will be living on easy street! Ha!

I know it’s a scam, I’m not completely stupid!

It did however get me thinking about what I would do if a legitimate chance like this ever occured.

Firstly, I wouldn’t brag about it on the internet! In fact, I wouldn’t brag about it at all. I would probably tell my family but that’s it. People might wonder why I am suddenly living in a lovely mansion and driving a fancy car but I would never tell them why.

Actually, I think I would be fairly smart with my money. I would buy a nice house but nothing too big or too fancy. I would make sure I had plently of money to spend as I pleased and I would invest the rest so that I would be able to live off it forever.

I would travel if I had enough money for a private jet. I would throw out most of my clothes and buy new clothes. I would set up a gym in my house and I would hire someone to clean for me. I think I would still cook for myself because I am a picky eater but I would have someone else do my grocery shopping. I would adopt lots of cats and dogs and I would have a huge backyard for them to run around in. I think I would like to live in a gated estate. They look so cool, sort of like movie sets. I would maybe have a few properties, one in the city, one in the country and one at the beach.

I would be kind and donate to charity on a regular basis and I would make sure my family was looked after but the rest of the money would be used to help me get better and enjoy life.

What would you do if you came into millions of dollars?


4 thoughts on “Well, How Kind!

  1. A lot of murders seem to take place in those gated communities in books I read. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one of those places here either – add it to the list with bagels.

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