Lift (Another Strange Dream)

I start off in a cafe somewhere. I am standing near the door and a kid walks in with a devious and angry look on his face. He grabs a glass bottle of “lift” and runs out. I become infuriated on behalf of the cafe owners so I grab another glass bottle of “lift” and throw it at him. This causes him to lose his balance and he falls onto a busy road and gets hit by a car. He dies.

One man sees what happened and I say something about an eye for an eye. I took the kid out with what he stole, in my head this was justice. The man tells me to run so I do. I get onto a train and I become quite frazzled.

I end up at a fake train station in an area I don’t know. I have no choice but to get off the train and I sense trouble. A gang of thieves approaches me and takes all they can see. I keep my necklace tucked into my shirt as they rip off all of my jewellery. They don’t run away, they rule this part of town and have nothing to run from. They are in charge and they take me to an abandoned classroom.

There are lots of other people there and I notice one girl still has rings on her fingers. I get upset and say to the gang members, “Why does she get to keep her rings?”

The girl quickly shifts the attention back to me though and points out that I still have a necklace on. My necklace is taken away. We are put back onto a train and as it pulls away from the creepy, fake train station, I see a girl with firey, red hair sitting up high on a wooden beam. Her face is covered in sadness and tears fill her eyes.

I head back to reality.


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