How to be a terrible friend S&S style

  1. Do not respond to texts or phone calls, especially if you know they will most likely lead to the other person wanting to catch up.
  2. When asked why you never respond, do not respond.
  3. When in a crisis, text everyone but only if you know they cannot help or won’t know how to respond to your insanity. For example, text friends from hospital (if you’re allowed to use your phone) because they already know you’re locked away and being “looked after” and they will be too scared to offer much beyond supportive words.
  4. Appreciate supportive words and make a commitment to be a better friend when back in the outside world.
  5. Once out, realise how freaking hard it is to be around others and go back to isolating.
  6. Write letters and emails because you’re too afraid to talk to people over the phone or face to face but need some kind of contact so that you don’t feel completely alone.
  7. Feel alone anyway.
  8. Confuse the hell out of everyone by making a genuine effort to be a good friend during those random moments where you feel somewhat capable to handle interaction.




5 thoughts on “How to be a terrible friend S&S style

    • It’s hard not to do most of these things. I notice when I am doing them but I can’t stop myself. I guess even if we are “terrible friends”, maybe it wont always be this way, I don’t know. I am sorry you can relate to so much of this.

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