Blood Tests And A REAL Creeper

I hate blood tests but I barely flinch when I have them. I am so used to them these days. I am also no longer repulsed when the pathologist gets me to look at the full viles of blood to check my details. I kind of like the tiny bandaids they put on afterwards. They aren’t as cool as the stickers and bravery certificates I used to get as a child though.

After the blood test and before checking my bank account, I spent money on a few bits and pieces, not that I need them but you know, I needed them in the moment. I got on a train to come home and I was just standing there, minding my own business when some random guy walked past me, stopped and then came right up close. I was beginning to feel quite panicked but there were lots of people around so I figured they would step in if I needed help. Here’s how our conversation went-

(As he was a creepy train guy, I will refer to him as CFG)

CFG- Hi!

Me- Uh, hi.

CFG- Do I know you?

Me- No.

CGF- I know you from somewhere! Did you go to Suchandsuch High School?


CFG- Did you finish high school a year ago?

Me- No.

CGF- two years ago?

Me- No.

CFG- three years ago?

Me- No.

CFG- four years ago?

Me- No.

CFG- Five years ago?!

Me- No.

CFG- More than five years ago?!

Me- No.

CFG- Are you still in High School then?

Me- No.

CFG- Huh? How does that work?!

Me- (considers talking with some sort of accent but decides it’s too late now) Look, I’m not from around here, you don’t know me, OK?


He walked away and not even five seconds later I see him asking another young girl the exact same questions. Luckily he got off the train at the next stop.

It was really strange. I was already planning to change carriages if he didn’t get off the train.

I now have a good response when in awkward or scary situations. I’ll just keep repeating “no”, it seemed to confuse this guy a bit and maybe he thought I was a bit mad. (Because maybe I am!)

I didn’t lie. I didn’t know him. I didn’t go to whatever high school he mentioned and I am not from the area we were in. I wasn’t going to tell him when I finished high school, it’s none of his business. The other girl seemed to learn from me and simply said, “No you don’t know me.” She got off the train at the same stop as him but hopefully she hovered around a bit so he couldn’t talk to her anymore.

People can be such creepers.



12 thoughts on “Blood Tests And A REAL Creeper

    • He could have been ill or perhaps it was his standard pickup line. Who knows. Maybe he genuinely thought he knew me, the other girl and possibly others. Thank you, it wasn’t easy to deal with, I am terrible in those sorts of situations.

      • It’s not a normal kind of situation! The way he went on and on, and then went on to the next girl suggests that is is an ‘ill’ sort of way to go about showing interest in a girl. And if he thought he knew someone, and he didn’t, then there is something not quite right either.
        Not easy to deal with – you did well! Really well! You kept your cool. 🙂

      • You’re right, it wasn’t a normal situation, that’s why I was so glad there were others around. In the past I might have been snarky but opted for a bit of confusion, hoping he would take the hint. I remember when I was about fifteen or so a grown man came into the place where I was working and insisted he knew me. I got annoyed and said, “Well maybe you think you know me but I definitely don’t know you!” and he left.

  1. so hard to admit, but i had similar behaviors in high school.. maybe he is stuck, from illness, and is struggling so badly between loneliness and wanting companionship and love. i scared the girls in high school, and had no idea why. i am not justifying his behavior, simply relating, i will be the first to admit it…i was creepy! thank you for sharing this:)

  2. I also hate blood tests!

    Good thing you did that. Just say no. If he really needed someone to talk to, he could have talked to another guy. But it seems the lines are rehearsed, so I think that’s really creepy!

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