Miss Punctuality Ran Late!

I think I remember one of my alarms going off and I turned it off and decided to rest my weary eyes until my other alarm went off… but it never happened! I woke up and hour and a half later and was like SHIIIIIIIIT!

I had an appointment I had to get to. It was a madhouse as a got ready. I was panicking. I am NEVER the person who runs late!

Funny story, in High School I used to ALWAYS run late. My friend and her dad used to sometimes pick me up on the way to school and as they waited for me, It must have annoyed them. Mr Dadofmyfriend used to say, “Stunnedandstunted, what are you going to do when you’re an adult and you cannot be late to work and other commitments?” I would always reply, “Oh I haven’t really thought about that!”

On the days where I had to rely on the bus to get to school, I could often be seen running up my driveway with the bus zooming past and my friends laughing at me through the windows. I would walk to the next bus stop to kill some time and wait for the next bus but one bus driver had a problem with this, even though the bus stop was closer to our destination. Sometimes he would refuse to let me on and I would end up walking. I had a huge fight with him once and ended up reporting him, the bus company said there was absolutely nothing wrong with me walking to the next closest bus stop. Either way I was often late for school, woops.

Oooh but times have changed!

As my anxiety and obsessive compulsive traits worsened, running late became out of the question. I would rather get up hours and hours before I have to go anywhere, just to allow plenty of time. I move slowly in the mornings, it takes me at least 2 cigarettes and a coffee to get going (although decaf these days).

I don’t know how I did it but I was only 15 minutes late and everything was fine. All of that stressing over nothing!


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