The Most Creative Blogger Award


I’m a bit slack at actually acknowledging any awards I get nominated for and then making nominations of my own but this one seems pretty straightforward.

Firstly, thank you to Mouse from for nominating me, that was very kind of you. 🙂

Secondly, the only rules for this award are to post the award image ( I hope I did that correctly!) and to make as many nominations as you wish. I am going to choose twelve people to nominate because otherwise I would probably end up nominating everyone!

So here we go-


I love the diversity of the blogs I follow. If I have nominated you, don’t feel pressured to do anything, just know that I think your blog is cool and creative. 🙂

It was actually really hard to do this that’s why I had to limit my number of nominations. If I didn’t choose you this time, it doesn’t mean anything. I still think your blog is great!



10 thoughts on “The Most Creative Blogger Award

  1. thanks for the kind words and acknowledgement. I love seeing your post in the mail box
    Again thank you so much!!!
    I also consider it an honor to be included with such an awesome group.

  2. I was elated when someone nominated you for this award. You deserve it, and I’m happy to be one of your blog’s readers. Keep on writing–I see a novel coming!

    And then when I came to your list, I thought I saw something familiar, and had to click it to be sure I wasn’t dreaming!


    I’ve been away for days and now I get to read this most wonderful news of my blogging life!

    I need some hankies now…

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