More time wasted

There’s the usual lethargy, I choose not to go to bed nor to lie on the couch.

Instead I opt for the cold hardwood floor, I need to rest, not relax.

I lie there staring at the ceiling. I think it would be pretty cool if all

of my furniture was attached to the roof. I imagine what I would do

with the extra space and wonder what might happen if I were to turn

on my ceiling fan.

My backbones dig into the wooden floor, it feels like I am lying

on ice. I pretend I am dead.

My cat wanders around and then jumps onto a seat nearby

to observe, I suppose.

I listen to the sounds of the building, a baby cries and I hear cars outside.

I sort of relish my physical discomfort, it is a distraction.

The cold reaches my core, I wonder if it is possible

to get hyperthermia from the floor.

I stand up and turn on my light, which flickers, dims

and then goes out.

I had only just replaced the bulb so I get angry

and repeatedly flick the light switch off

and on.

The light does nothing the first few times

and then starts to come back to life.

When it is functioning normally, I switch it off and on again,

daring it to go out. It doesn’t.

I sit on the couch and the cold clings to me.


That pretty much sums up a chunk of my day.


3 thoughts on “More time wasted

  1. did you try screwing it in tighter? the light?

    hmmm if all the furniture is on the ceiling, will you get seat belts?

    and the fan turning on. hmmm, woo hooo… lol.

    The cat though, it was not surprised… being on the chair and you on the floor. It probably said..”finally she got it right” cats are like that lol.



    • Haha, you’re right about the cat. My light uses a weird globe, it’s like a tube which slots into two metal thingamajigs. It’s since come back to life again so maybe the wiring has gone a bit funny. It’s annoying but I don’t go into a fit of rage if it doesn’t turn on straight away, it has made me hopeful and patient!
      I was thinking that maybe I would need a seat on the floor but everything else could be on the roof.

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