I spoke to my Mum and to the mental health team and they both suggested I call my psychiatrist to see if I can lower the Valdoxan dose either by cutting the tablets or just going back to the original dose I was on, like some of you guys suggested. Earlier today I wanted to just stop taking it altogether. I sort of still want to do that but it’s probably not in my best interests.

Everything feels lke it is moving too slowly today. I feel like a sloth. I am exhausted and when the mental health worker was asking me my plans for the day and if I felt “safe”, I said, “I don’t even have the energy to think about doing anything. I don’t want to do anything at all today.” We agreed that watching TV was a good idea.

I did manage to leave a message for my psychiatrist, hopefully she will get back to me today so I know what to do when it gets to medication time. If she doesn’t, I will have to decide for myself- I hate making decisions!

I don’t seem to have the shakes today but I do have the fries. Just kidding. I still have no appetite! (Ugh, that was lame!)





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