Hello Stomach

You’re hungry? Let’s feed you, just a little bit. Is that better? You’re hurting? Here’s some water and we’ll bypass food for a while. You have a stabbing pain? We’d better not call anyone. Try curling up into a little ball. That hurts even more? Lie flat. Not any better? Get up, do something, distract […]

Session Six Million

Me- So I saw that other doctor for the psychiatric evaluation… Shrink- How did that go? Me- Oh, she was so nice! (a passive-aggressive response because I was mad at my doctor for running late.) Shrink- What did she say? Me- She thinks I need to come off a lot of my medications. She thinks […]

An Unsent Explanation

Too much notice and there’s too much room for panic. Too little notice and I will inevitably have an excuse. Zero notice and there’s pretty much zero chance unless everything has aligned correctly and I happen to be in one of those moods. Dear SomeoneImportant, I am sorry I didn’t make the effort to see […]