Meds Schmeds

I heard you hate meds so I’m adding some meds so you can think about how much you hate meds while you take more meds.


But will I take them?



4 thoughts on “Meds Schmeds

    • Yeah, I have tried that but there are always side-effects my shrink is more aware of or if she doesn’t think the med is suitable for me, she wont prescribe it. I am thinking of maybe trying some of the meds I was on years ago again, just to see how they work now. I will talk about this with her next time.

  1. Have you experienced some improvement? I hope so.

    I only take a tiny ibuprofen capsule for my terrible headaches that seem to have decided they will visit me every month. But I don’t really want to take any kind of oral medicine, as I have difficulty swallowing it down. It’s like when I put it in my mouth I forget the ability to swallow. Really frustrating.

    • I only started on a double dose of one of my antideps last night and I feel awful today. I feel sleepy but really, really anxious. I hate taking meds. Ibuprofen is the only painkiller I take too. Nothing else ever seems to work.

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