Dream Travels

Every now and then I am thrown into a nice dream. I travel to really cool places and see amazing sights. I have a theory that my mind creates these types of dreams to make up for my boring reality. Sometimes the places are real, other times I have no idea where I am but the beauty is almost overwhelming.

There is one common problem in these dreams. I usually have a camera but something always goes wrong when I try to take photos- no memory card, no battery, some sort of camera malfunction or if it is an older camera I run out of film. This sends me into a panic as I’m desperate to try to capture the cool things I am seeing. I worry that I will forget them if I can’t get photos.

In last night’s dream I was somewhere in Europe, staying in a hanging orb sort of room in the middle of a forest. I was with people from my past and I wasn’t freaked out about being around others. Despite the photography panic and worries over buying souvenirs for people back home, I don’t seem to have any mental illness in these dreams.

At the end of the dream I was in the suburb I grew up in but it had transformed into a strange little village with people who belonged in another era. I went to a market and the stalls were selling basic sort of farming goods. I remember thinking “I have no use for any of this in my usual life but I have to buy something.” I bought some strange cowgirl pants.

I hope that one day I can visit the places from my dreams in real life. I should start writing down where I have been so I can make comparisons.



5 thoughts on “Dream Travels

    • My dreams are pretty much always bizarre, maybe they reflect my personality. I used to keep a dream journal but these days I don’t really think about what the images of my dreams could mean. As for the cowgirl pants, I have no idea, haha. I’ve never had a desire to be a cowgirl or anything. I think I was just desperate to buy something in my dream and that was what I deemed most appropriate. Maybe I figured I could wear them to a costume party or something.

      • Costume parties are bizarre….! 😉 I have bizarre dreams, although I have had none at all for quite some time lately. A bit of bizarrity adds some variety to life! 🙂

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