Go Back To The Past Where You Belong!

After years of absolutely no contact an ex suddenly decided to drop me an email.

Firstly, our relationship didn’t end well (they never do for me!) and I hated him for quite some time. Then time went on and I forgot about him, he wasn’t important nor was he in any part of my life anymore. I heard he was with someone else, maybe he even got married. None of it mattered by then, I was dating other people.

So why suddenly did he feel the need to email me? He said he just wanted to see how I am or something along those lines. Is this normal ex behaviour considering we ceased contact/caring about each other years ago? I’m always suspicious but I was genuinely curious about it all. I took the bait, I guess and I responded impulsively.

I said exactly what I was thinking- “What in the actual ______?” (fill that in with your own swear word if you like).

He went on to be a bit passive aggressive but also mentioned that he didn’t have my number anymore and wanted to say a general hello and see how I am.


If I said I was miserable, would it make a difference? Would he be happy that my life is so crappy? Would he feel sad and want to support me? Would I let him? No. Would I want to meet up and have a coffee or a drink or anything like that? Absolutely not. So what was the point of his email? He’s a shifty guy, I don’t trust that he genuinely just wanted to know how I am.

It could be possible that he is having relationship problems or is single and thought he would contact me. Why is he even thinking about me these days? I haven’t been thinking about him until I got that stupid email.

I suppose there is a slim chance that he really did just want to know I was okay. Maybe he thought I was dead. I don’t really believe in this possibilty though.

My final response to our brief series of emails was to say that I am fine. Then I wrote “bye”. He has nothing to reply now and that’s how I want it to be. He belongs in my past, not in my current life and not in my future.




5 thoughts on “Go Back To The Past Where You Belong!

  1. sometimes an echo of the past is important to see how much we have changed. Even if i do see myself emotionally as an evolutionary deadend … its nice to turn and look at the footprints leading here now and again … 🙂

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