Train Game With A Positive Twist

The lovely Amber from set me a little challenge to imagine the people I see on a train in a positive way, a change from my other post where my poor characters had fairly miserable lives.
I actually wrote a few notes about people on the train, which was difficult because I didn’t want to look like I too much of a weirdo. I had to subtly glance over at them, haha!

Here’s what I came up with-

Ally stares enviously at my boots while I admire her handbag. When she isn’t staring, she is constantly texting. It is her  little sister’s birthday in just a couple of days and she has a lot to organise. Maybe she’ll get her some boots.

Perched awkwardly on the steps is Ally’s sister’s school friend, Melissa. Ally knows her by name and face but they have never really spoken. Melissa sits on the stairs despite there being many seats available. Her private school uniform means she has to respect her elders on public transport or else be reported. The fear of getting is trouble is greater than the worry that she might get her uniform dirty. It doesn’t really matter anyway, she will finish school at the end of the year and start a new life abroad.

Melissa gets off the train as her friend, Hannah says a brief hello. Hannah savours every bite of her icecream because her parents are health fanatics and wont let her eat that sort of thing at home. Every afternoon her secret boyfriend buys her a treat because he knows she has a sweet tooth. She’s a rebel with a ribbon in her hair.

Katie, Melissa’s sister, loves shopping. They miss seeing each other by about one train stop, otherwise they would have probably spent the afternoon at Katie’s place, making macarons and drinking coffee. Katie just bought a fancy coffee maker. She’s proud of her purchase and can’t wait to share a coffee with one of her oldest and dearest friends, Ally, if they ever happen to cross paths again.

That’s the best I could come up with. There were no guys on my train so that’s why all the characters are female. Amber also suggested intertwining their stories, which was fun! Thanks for the cool challenge Amber!



10 thoughts on “Train Game With A Positive Twist

  1. I thought I saw my name!

    This is a good challenge and a great practice for the imagination. It even made me imagine myself with a double S. 🙂

  2. it was great? now to have more fun, the next ride could be a mystery… a crime being planned, or a birthday organized, a surprise. It makes the train rides more fun. I like the positive spin too, I bet you smiled a few times when you thought of something.

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