Bread means-

Going to the shops two days in a row, changing into outside clothes, timing when I leave so it doesn’t occur as someone else is entering the building, making my hair look ok, making sure my makeup looks ok, hoping I don’t run into anyone I know, having to stand at a crossing feeling very self-conscious, piling on layers of clothing and looking like Violet in Charlie and The Chocolate Factory minus the Violet you’re turning violet, Violet.

Alternatives? Crackers? I don’t have any of those either. Fruit? But I want a piece of toast. Rice? Ugh, no, again I want toast!

So I want a slice of toast and I am too cold, shy, anxious, lazy and depressed to buy bread.


Bread means-

Getting some fresh air, getting some exercise, getting some bread which will eventually be toast, sticking to my plan to try to get outside every day, no longer sitting around thinking about wanting bread/toast, the end of this post! 🙂


5 thoughts on “Bread

    • Oh fresh bread is the best but I just bought supermarket rye bread, not very fancy at all. If you leave rice in a pot for long enough it eventually crisps up and I suppose it could be used as bread!

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