Train Game

A while ago I wrote this blog-

It has sort of inspired a game I play when I catch public transport. Instead of getting too wrapped up worrying about what people are thinking about me, I invent stories about them. It helps pass the time.

Here are a few recent characters-

Marlene is exhausted. She’s just flown back from her father’s funeral, which she had to organise by herself, despite having several siblings. She spent the last of her money on an urn and a plaque so she hauls her suitcase onto a train and wishes she was in a taxi. Instead of a house or a sum of money, Marlene and her siblings will inherit a valuable lesson about debt.

Michael is studying law, just as his parents wanted. He wishes he worked in a cafe instead. His heavy books and laptop bang against his thigh as he makes his way to a seat. He doesn’t drive because he has a fear that one day he might purposely run someone over.

Rhiannon just broke up with her boyfriend and is putting on a brave face. She listens to depressing music to match how she is feeling. She wants to cry but hates attention so she hunches over in a corner and doesn’t make eye contact with anyone. When she gets home she will drown her sorrows with a bottle of cheap red wine and then beg her boyfriend to take her back. He will give in, as he has done in the past, but their on and off relationship will be completely over by Christmas, when he catches Rhiannon with another man.



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